What is Numeris and what does it do?
Numeris is a leading data company providing audience data and insights capturing media behaviours in a cross-media world for the Canadian Media Industry. Interested in learning more about us?
How to become a client?
Numeris offers many measurement services and one of our Client Solutions Executives will be happy to walk you through the subscription process, explain how to access Numeris data and the benefits of becoming a Numeris client. The preferred way to contact Numeris is by sending an e-mail to numerisinfo@numeris.ca.
How can I access audience data if I am not a client of Numeris?
Access to Numeris audience data is available via a subscription and as such only clients of Numeris are permitted to access our audience data. If you are interested in learning how to become a Numeris client, please contact us via numerisinfo@numeris.ca and one of our Client Solutions Executives will be happy to assist.
Are you accredited?
Numeris is a Gold Seal Accredited Agency of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC). If you have any questions about CRIC, please visit their website at: www.canadianresearchinsightscouncil.ca
How can I participate in Numeris surveys/panels?
While we’d love to have you take part in one of our surveys or panels, our methodology requires that respondents must be randomly selected. If you do receive a call from us, we look forward to having you and your family help shape the future of audio and video.
Why are surveys conducted?
Numeris’ surveys provide audience information that helps broadcasters and publishers deliver the music, programs and videos that you want to listen to or watch. These surveys are your chance to tell the media decision makers what you think of their content and offerings.
How did you get our phone number?
Your telephone number was randomly generated by a computer program. Then we cross check those phone numbers against telephone listings.
How did you choose my household?
Your home was randomly selected to participate in our research. A sample of homes across Canada is selected to represent the entire population. The sample includes all types of homes, and yours was selected as a representative of your local community.
Why did you call me?
Numeris researches how many people consume different radio, television and online programs. This research allows us to create audience data. We also conduct important research to learn more about the use of technology and media habits of Canadians and that is why we have called you today.
Why is your number blocked?
Numeris programs our 1-800 number and name on all outbound calls. Unfortunately, it depends on your local phone provider as to whether or not our number comes up or if it is blocked. If you would like to follow-up and validate this call, feel free to call our toll-free number 1-800-214-5226.
How do you make sure my personal information is protected?
Any time you participate, either as a survey respondent or in our ongoing meter panel, and whenever you interact with Numeris, whether in person, by telephone, mail or electronically, you can be assured that your individual responses will be securely stored, kept confidential and that your personal identifying information will never be released without your express permission. If you would like, you can check our Privacy Policy page for more information.

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