Brand Assets

What are Brand Assets?

Brand assets are the unique elements that help distinguish Numeris’ brand. Each element has been carefully created and designed to complement the visual look and feel of Numeris, ensuring consistency across all materials. Please refer to the materials below for direction on how to best represent the Numeris brand(s).

The Numeris logo is the foundation of our brand identity and should be included in all documents and materials. Please ensure logo use is in line with Numeris Brand Guidelines.

Numeris Logo Pack5

Numeris’ Video Measurement solution showcases how Canadians are consuming videos across all platforms and devices. Please ensure logo use is in line with Numeris Video Measurement Brand Guidelines.

Video Measurement Logo Pack5

Intelligence by Numeris VM Logo Pack5

Use these carefully crafted templates for your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to properly represent the Numeris brand.

PowerPoint Templates5

Word Templates5